White (hair) is the new black

My hairstylist, Anthony Reale @lostcraftsociety, says this about gray hair.

“There is no gray. There is only white. There is only pigment-less hair.”

If you’re going to go WHITE (you SHOULD), you do have to work extra hard at the following things:
• Fiercely protect and relentlessly care for your skin. Hydrate everything like crazy every day.
• Omg don’t have the give-ups!! If you’re going to rock gray hair, make an effort to wear what makes you feel beautiful, not just what’s easiest. In our culture of comfort, it’s easy to get lazy. You’re already gorg! Wear your cute stuff and put on your pretty accessories. You know, give a shit. You’re worth it, and your hair will shine even more brightly.
• Make an effort with some color on your face. You don’t have to do much! I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I always do mascara, cheek and lip color because it’s easy to look really washed out with gray-white hair. I love @narsissist “Multiple” in Orgasm for cheeks and lips.
• Use a great spray shine product like Sparkling Soda by @thedrybar (but use sparingly).
• Sleep. As much and as long as possible. It will make your face glow✨next to your silver locks.
• Unless you’re born with the incredible strength and thickness of hair like Nikol Johnson of @freshbeautystudio (babe) or @alanasparrow (babe) let your hair air dry as much as you can. Almost never blowing it dry in the last 18 months has seriously transformed my hair! Thank you covid!
• Finally, enjoy ALL of the compliments 🪶

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