Simple Sea Bass & Broccolini

Cooking for one is, as singles can attest, not so much challenging as … hmmm … what would we say … unnecessary? Inconvenient? A little depressing?! A hassle? Most single people I know have adopted snacking and takeaway for actual meals, even though we know it’s probably not the healthiest habit. So I’m going to start playing with 10-minute prep/2-item clean dinners and I’ll post them to my blog.
Last night I got home at 8:30. I was thinking about a handful of almonds and a few cucumbers for dinner, no joke. Because I was tired and unmotivated. Instead, I rallied and made the following:
Super Simple Sea Bass

  • Coat fish in olive oil and salt & pepper. Bake at 350 for 22 minutes. Boom.
  • Sautéed broccolini. Buy the baby broc at @traderjoes , trim stems, coat with olive oil, red chile oil, honey (about 2-3 tsp) and salt/pepp. Sautée while fish is baking. Done.
    As in, done done, and you’re already eating. It would have taken me longer to stand in front of the pantry deciding between cashews or Cheetos.
    Besides that, my belly does not need more apathy-snacking, does yours?!