Four Quarters

“Avoid drama. Walk away in silence from anything that doesn’t improve your life. Calmness among chaos is a sign of emotional maturity.” – Vex King

I can’t recall where I found this quote by Vex King but it plays over and over in my mind everyday. How many times I have walked away from something in silence because I simply could no longer manage the unending chaos… so many, many times. I can’t say it’s always worked; often I look back and wish I would have stood up for myself more or fought for what I thought I deserved versus walking away quietly and yet again starting over. But then there have been times I have stood up to be heard only to have created even more chaos, or become apathetic by someone who or something that likes to win and be right more than I do. It’s a difficult dilemma that I still haven’t wizened to. I don’t know. Might take a lifetime to truly know when to stay and fight and when to walk away. 

I do know that the more I shed the chaos, the complication, the mismanagements, the reasons, the adding-to, the excuses – and then the demands of upholding all of that – the clearer I feel. It’s lonelier, there is no question. And it doesn’t always feel “strong.” Because that drama-shedding includes shedding people. And I know others have had to shed me too. 

But, it’s cleaner. It’s simpler. And it’s so, so much easier, with less to have to constantly manage. 

So, four quarters. And thanks, Vex. 🪶


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  1. April 27, 2022 / 10:28 pm

    This made me choke up a little. Thank you! And yes, you must!

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