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BeWell21 is a totally doable, workable health, wellness behavior, and lifestyle guide. Practiced for three weeks and then coached thereafter if the client chooses, this program is meant to teach health and life tools that work for anyone, at any age and any life stage, for the long-term of their lives. BeWell21 will include nutrition and physical fitness counseling and personal development. Ideally executed with a wellness behavior therapist who does daily and weekly check ins, BeWell21 is intended to help create healthy relationships with mental health and physical health. It is process-oriented and addresses client knowledge and skill needs in areas such as eating habits, physical fitness levels, rest and recovery and life satisfaction. Instead of just meeting immediate needs and alleviating symptoms of pain and stress, BW21’s goal is to help its clients become fully functioning and assist them in striving for their own wellness.



Not restricted solely to restriction, BeWell21 strives for balance. So for as many foods that we take out, we will work to add others in. However, we won’t be actually eliminating anything, as this is not a “reset” or a detox. This is a practice in good habits for the rest of your life. There will certainly be things that we will encourage less of (sugar, white carbohydrate, processed food and drink of any kind, alcohol, fast food.) but cutting them all out completely is not only terribly difficult but somewhat unrealistic and at times, simply not necessary. In our experience working with clients, eliminating certain things that, in moderation can bring joy, only feeds the dragon of desire. Melissa Urban, in Whole30, speaks of the Sugar Dragon. It’s intense! But so is the Desire Dragon. And at times when eating or drinking or doing something against the “rules” causes more frustration and even compulsion rather than peace, we should look more closely at the overall intention. There will certainly be exceptions! We call those the Five Graces. Also a big portion of our BeNourished tenet is hydration; we will teach you new thoughts and practices around hydration absorption in the body that will help you feel better than ever.


Daily movement is necessary and essential to the success of your health. Walking, running, strength training, stretching, Pilates, yoga, dancing, etc; any movement at all for 21 consecutive days is what we are going for. Some of you will even want to double up with a walk and Pilates. Or a run and stretching. You get the idea!


Along with nutrition and movement comes our emotional and mental well-being. This portion of the program is about your thoughts, your emotions, your behaviors outside of eating and working out. Daily blogs and journaling, along with wellness behavior coaching, will help you identify blocks and stay focused on what’s ahead. Additionally, we will shine new light on rest and recovery and how essential it is to your overall health and wellbeing. No longer seen as laziness, rest and recovery are as important as the food you eat and the steps you take.


Product reviews, food recommendations, recipes, new ways of doing old things, exercise ideas, feedback from others; this is your time to bust up old habits and routines and learn more of what’s out there.


Over all the to-dos, the single most important goal for us is for you to feel good in your body and just be you. If something doesn’t work for you, then we will adjust. If you have an idea about something, then let’s add it in! If you inner life isn’t aligning with your outer life, then it’s time we lined things up. That is what I am here for; to help you feel the best you can and keep feeling that way long after 21 days. The way you feel may be totally different than someone else; so this isn’t a one size fits all/mass produced program. It’s curated especially for your needs.

What your BeWell21 includes:


  • Daily check-ins with wellness behavior coach (Brooke)
  • Daily blogs and education
  • Daily goal setting
  • Daily meal ideas


  • Weekly in-person (or zoom) sessions


  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Meal planning
  • Meal preparation (smoothies, snack bowls, salad jars)
  • Therapy hikes
  • Private yoga therapy
  • Infared chronic pain mat sessions


  • Text or call Brooke anytime with questions, concerns, issues, etc., with general respect to personal and private time.
  • Private access to the PlanBWell21 Instagram page and the PlanBWell21 blog page on


$200/week for intro week and 21-days (four weeks total)

$150/week after program completion for ongoing counseling

To become a BeWell21 private client, email